How To Use


In order to register and begin using HUM, the following information is required to be entered:

General Information

  • Property Type
  • Age of Property
  • No of Bedrooms
  • No if People

Electricity & Gas Supplier & Tariff Information

  • Regional Area
  • Supplier
  • Tariff
  • Payment Method

Note: With this information, your tariff’s ‘Price Per Unit’ and ‘Standing Charge’ will be identified.


The Gas and Electricity overviews provide you with an instant view of how much energy usage and spend you have for the month, compared against the usage targets that you have set.

This will clearly identify the following:

  • Your average daily units & spend versus the target daily usage & spend.
  • Your average units & spend to-date in the month versus the target daily usage & spend to-date.
  • Your predicted average monthly units & spend versus the target monthly units & spend.

This shows you your current and predicted usage and spend for the month, and enables you to make any necessary changes to usage habits or targets to ensure that you do not over-spend on expected energy usage, and enable you to save money by using less energy than your targets.

Enter Meter Reading

To begin the HUM calculation and management of your energy usage, your starting meter reading must be entered for both Gas and Electricity.

For best management and calculation results, enter your meter reading on a daily basis. HUM will therefore calculate your daily units used, and your daily spend.

My Usage Targets

Setting the daily usage target for both Gas and Electricity enables you to see on a daily and monthly basis whether you are spending the expected amount of units and money on your energy, or whether you are under or over target.

What usage targets should you set? Well, the average energy and usage consumption depends on many factors such as size of house, number of occupants, even time of year. However, as a general guidance, the below can be used as a starting point for setting your usage targets:

Electricity:           9 units

Gas:                       0.5-1 units (Summer)

                                2-4 units (Spring)

                                3-5 units (Autumn)

                                4-6 units (Winter)

These are merely guidelines for setting your usage targets, however will provide you with a benchmark to enable you to begin managing, tracking and forecasting your actual usage against.

Usage History

For any given month, you can see every single day’s Gas and Electricity usage and spend, providing you with valuable reports on your daily usage history. Each day’s report provides you with the following:

  • Meter Reading (The meter reading entered for that day. Ideally, your meter reading should be entered daily, however should you miss any days, then the next time you enter your meter reading, the days that have been missed will be averaged and will show as ‘Estimated’).
  • Target Units (The daily number of units you set as your target).
  • Actual Units (The actual units you used for the day).
  • Target Spend (The daily spend set as your target, based on the number of target units set).
  • Actual Spend (The actual spend used).

In addition to daily usage, you will also be able to see a ‘Monthly Summary’, which gives you complete view of your month’s energy usage and spend, clearly showing you whether you are:

  • On Target (Your actual usage and spend is identical to your target usage and spend).
  • Below Target (Your actual usage and spend is less than your target usage and spend).
  • Above Target (Your actual usage and spend is more than your target usage and spend).

Energy Saving Tips

You will see tips, guidance and advice on how to reduce energy usage and costs, across both Gas and Electricity.


The supplier and tariff information used is sourced directly from Supplier websites, and updated regularly based upon the Supplier data releases. Calculations are applied with a tolerance of up to 2% to account for rounding up/down for display purposes.

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